Summer Light, Winter Frost

October 3, 2009

Queen Demeter and Queen Persephone,
Ruled by none, but the rulers of many;
Wild queens, within whose domains come the beasts
Of both the animal and human worlds,
The monsters of the days and of the nights.

I approach you now, most beautiful queens
Of fruits both above and below the earth,
To appear unto me; please bless me with
Your most radiant selves, and let me see
The truth in the questions I ask myself.

Fickle queens; I ask only that you are
Constant in your aid of one such as me;
I hope never to incur the wrath of
Either of you, blessed queens: Demeter
And Persephone, Mother and Daughter.

To you, Demeter, Mother of the Earth,
I offer my living body, and
Every single breath this body takes
To keep itself alive; I recognise
That life is a Mother’s gift to Her child.

To Persephone, Daughter of the Earth,
I offer that which remains after death
Has torn apart my body and soul;
All that I am I give to you, Maiden;
And I hope that this is pleasing to you.

Theoi, Theoi: I ask that you
Look favourably upon me as I
Light incense and mediate, in your name;
Offer libations and dance, in your name;
And I offer my body, in your name.

Infernal Queens, Ladies of summer light
And the slow-creeping chill of winter frost:
I offer hymns, praises and devotions;
I write for you, dance for you, smile for you:
And I hope you find this pleasing, my queens.


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