October 4, 2009

You are the slow crawl
Of eternity;
Serpentine lover.

Lord of the wheel of
Time, necessity;
The Zodiakos
Yield to You alone.

Creator of need,
Of pulsing hunger;
Of far-reaching Phanes,
The father of all.

The passing of time,
The fate of all men,
Is both a blessing
And a curse from You.

You are the King of
A generation
Of kings: but You are
Supreme, above all.

I offer to You,
Lord of the kosmos,
My eternal soul;
It is Yours alone.

Supreme Aion, Lord
Of the Moirai and
Those who govern them,
I ask You one thing:

Please, my King, do not
Be moved to anger
Against me; let me
Stir not Your fury.

I submit to You.
My body, my mind,
My soul; I give all
Unto You, Time Lord.

I hope only that
You are pleased with my
Offering; for I
Would serve You always.


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