Read Write Prompt #3

October 8, 2009

Read Write Prompt #3: Play With Your Pieces
Aphrodite – Body, Love, Hate.

I first knew myself in the beginning,
When the world was still young and fresh, glowing
Like a red rose, lit from within. It was
My task to stoke that gentle burn, to whip
It into madness, frenzy and chaos.
But it did not begin like that, and I
Have to wonder if it would have ever
Become what it is now if not for me.

I met Nerites on the ocean floor.
Sand stuck to my feet; he kissed away the
Salt that burned my lips – already aching.
I told him I loved him, and the kosmos
Gleamed in the golden dawn of Love: frantic,
Winged, beating in my summer-gold veins.
He smiled, kissed me again, and promised to
Stay with me forever, if I let him.

Perhaps not. I swam to the shore alone,
My heart was light; but my mind was heavy.
He didn’t want me – he made that clear, so
I left him at the bottom of the sea,
A spiral now, a seashell, a shellfish.
He’s like the creatures he’d choose to play with,
Rather than accompanying me to
The heavens. But it doesn’t matter now.


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