Read Write Prompt #5

October 8, 2009

Read Write Prompt #5: A Novel Prompt

List: Help, Nobody, Investigate, Crazy, Pulled, Trigger, Ugly, Operation, Hesitated, Doorway, Staying, Hunter, Trust, You, Ran, Woods, Gone, Witch-Hunt, Expect, Murderer.

Don’t try to help me,
I don’t expect nobody to.
You can investigate all you want, but you won’t find anything on me.
I’m not crazy.
They think what they like – but nobody I know pulled
That trigger, and let that bullet hit
His ugly face.
How much will the operation cost?
She hesitated to tell us,
Hands on her hips, doorway looming behind her.
I’m not staying long, I tried to say, but she just smiled,
She thinks I’m a hunter,
And she wants me to trust her. It’s laughable, really.
If I told her–or you–what happened, neither of you would believe me.
But he ran into that world, and we told him not to.
He ran drunk into the woods,
And now he’s gone.

You could have a witch-hunt, burn down the forest,
But don’t expect to find anything.
He’s dead in his mind, and his murder isn’t of this world.



  1. i like….well done

  2. Thank you.

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