Read Write Prompt #7

October 8, 2009

Read Write Prompt #7: Free Day

Random theme: Loving a Thing.

He crafts her with his eager, artist’s hands;
He will make Life: it is his destiny.

When she is complete, he leaves her to set.
He will not spoil the coming day; he waits.

The sunlight kisses the arch of her throat,
And turns her a delicate shade of gold.

The harshness fades beneath his fingertips,
Warmed by the unsteady beat of his heart.

His hands tremble as he touches her lips;
He thinks he feels her breath against his skin.

He nips at her cheek, tastes the welcoming
Softness; something fierce blossoms in his heart.

He kisses as he prays, letting his mind
Focus on the gods: please, he whispers. Please.

Her touch is faint, but there. Her fingers twitch, once,
And then relax again. Her eyes – still cool.

He breathes upon her wrists, coaxing life to
Begin: her pulse is hesitant, wary.

Lips meet lips – soft skin replaces the stone,
As humanity floods into her veins.

Thank you, he murmurs to his smiling gods.
To her, he says his first words: I love you.

She blinks – her first – and her lips crease into
A smile. She speaks, smoky: I love you too.


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