Read Write Prompt #10

October 9, 2009

Read Write Prompt #10: Meta-whatsits?

Anubis – The transity of human effort.

In the end, you all belong to me.

The richest of kings
And the poorest slaves,
The starving artists
And those who hate art.

You can build your worlds
Of steel and glass, and
You can hide, but you
Can’t ever escape.

I am not without
Mercy, but I act
For the good of all,
I am bound by Fate.

In the end, you yield.
I crush your buildings
In my paw and smile,
Just smile, and you know.

You take my hand, and
I offer you the
Strength to do what you
Need; to say goodbye.

I take you to the
Lower world, where you
Are judged, or, perhaps,
You are smiled upon.

I soon return to
My world, the upper
World, and I leave you
Behind; forgotten.

Do not try to find
A way of cheating
Me: I am not Death,
Merely his servant.

I carry bones on
My back and stain my
Teeth with human blood:
A sign, a warning.

In the end, you all belong to me.


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