Read Write Prompt #13

October 9, 2009

Read Write Prompt #13: No Pain, No Gain (Sacrifice In Poetry).


A letter-opener lies on the desk,
Dribbling a papercut’s blood: rich and
Red, begging for my lips. I yield to the
Hunger, and think back to the ancient times.

We were in our prime, at the height of our
Power – we danced with a foot in each world,
And we laughed and we fucked without fear.
Now, we do not share warmth. We fight always.

I do not live on constant war. I need
Peace; one cannot savour the sweetness if
All that one tastes is sweet. Long ago, I turned
My sights to cheaper food: to whores, addicts,

To children starving in the filthy streets,
Begging for any loose change you might spare,
And crying when you all just pass them by,
Uncaring: it does not affect your minds.

Those are my people now; not warriors
Who gun each other down and scream in my
Sister’s name, Enyo’s name, not mine. I do
Not care for them, not now, not anymore.

I do not want your incense and your wine,
Poured to guarantee my favour – no, I
Want your blood. I want it to pour over
My lips: a sourness to match the sweet.

Tonight, I haunt the world of men. I see
All the horrors you hide even from your
Own eyes, and I lap it all up. Tonight,
I walk, and men fall down dead around me.

Tonight, I will accept your sacrifice.


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