Read Write Prompt #9

October 9, 2009

Read Write Prompt #9: Travelling Companions.

Selene & her team of bulls.

Ivory lips peel back: smiling, snarling,
Living, breathing. Do you want a kiss, boy?
Stone grinds away beneath her feet; winter
Yields to her, the cold mistress of the night.

The boy trembles. Ice wraps around his body,
Staving away the cold – and yet freezing
Him more thoroughly than if he’d ever
Found his lips and fingers numbed by the winds.

Her bone-skin crackles; fireworks slither
Into her veins. She bruises his dark skin,
Makes him pale, makes him hers. Kiss me quickly.
Wind pounds at his eyes; crying, he obeys.

She draws the heat from his warm, beating heart.
She licks her lips, then follows her tongue with
One long, spidery finger. Her eyes laugh.
My boy, she whispers. He does not answer..

The night continues; rigid, unyielding.
Nyx does not care for the young boy, broken-
Hearted, frozen-lipped, passing from this world
Into the gloom of the next. He is dead.

Selene calls her bulls to her side, slides
Her fingers through their fur. Icicles form,
Spreading between them; glittering webs made
By a hundred thousand snowy spiders.

The boy’s shell falls to the ground: a halo
Of used condoms frame his head; broken glass
Circles his pale throat. Her lips are red, though.
They gleam: cold hunger simmers in her veins.

Eos’ golden rays warm the night-cold earth
As Selene retires to her world
In the north, where snow never melts. They kiss
As they pass; influence slips between them.

The world awakens as Selene sleeps.


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