Read Write Prompt #18

October 11, 2009

Read Write Prompt #18: See Things Differently 1: Be A Tree


First: the skin.
Dry now, only wet when the
Of rain, rain, begins to fall.

Cold nights, hot days.
Silence never there,
Rustling leaves, falling twigs.
Can anyone hear me?

Him. He, He, He.
He’s there. He’s here.
I can feel him, I can smell him.
Apollon. Want to kiss me now?

Lips hard, heavy, dirty.
Some animal skitters over, claws burn.
Want to cry. Want to turn away.
Can’t. Can’t move think speak hello, hello, hello?

Can anyone hear me?
Do not want. Want – to be a tree.
Eros, cruel boy, look now, look now.
Apollon – help? Help me?

Can you
Can hear me
You can
Can you hear me?



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