Read Write Prompt #22

October 13, 2009

Read Write Prompt 22: Speak Freely.


Her lips are sewn shut,
Tied with delicate,
Silvery spiders’
Streams – the webs of the
Smallest and toughest
Of all animals.

Her ears are hollow,
Dainty and shell-like;
Reaching high into
The sky and yet they
Hear nothing but the
Whispers of the past.

Her eyes are all that
Remains truly bright,
Sparkling with life.
Her words come not from
Her sewn lips, but from
Here, falling like stars.

The twilight warms her
Barely-there frame and
Lends life to her veins.
The wind whistles, and
The words are swept from
Her bright, staring eyes.

I am here.


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