Fiction: Pasithea: Restless

October 15, 2009

The cream walls melt beneath her fingers, gliding down and settling over the carpet. Brown and cream mix together, circling her feet and then spreading up over her bare calves, thighs and hips. The colour clings to her, a second skin of delirium, as she walks silently through her husband’s halls.

“Hypnos?” she whispers, forcing each reluctant word out of the warmth of her body and into the chill night world. There is no answer, and she tries again: this time slightly louder. Still, though, he does not answer; she does not know if he even remains among the living, or if he has once more drifted to the world of the sleeping dead.

The hall hums with energy – it pulses under Pasithea’s restless worry, lending further agitation to her uncharacteristic state. She begins to move more swiftly, shoving her delicate, white feet through the streaming rivers of murmuring colour.

She finally reaches her husband’s door, her limbs heavy and quivering with tension, and Hesykhia, guardian of the sleeping Hypnos, is beside her immediately. Pasithea whispers wordless pain against Heskyhia’s silent lips, softness yielding to harsh as the need to rest overwhelms her spirit. “My husband,” is all she manages to say, her tongue barely able to wrap around the word and force it from her trembling lips.

Soundlessly, Hesykhia takes her into her arms and pushes open Hypnos’ door. The lord of sleep is tangled in the sheets once placed down by careful hands – he stirs as Hesykhia carries his Kharis wife through the room.

“Insanity,” Pasithea breathes as Hypnos stands, his eyelids barely open and his shoulders sagging with exhaustion. Hesykhia, as silent as a gargoyle, hands her to him and they sink, together, to the bed. The door eases shut behind Hesykhia as she leaves; Hypnos kisses his wife’s cheek, breathing in the scent of lilies that lingers constantly against her skin. She continues to whisper: “Madness, delirium, blood, death.”

He, smiling, kisses her eyelids and interrupts: “Love.”


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