Sleep Prayer to Aphrodite

November 12, 2009

Queen of sunshine
And the sensuous
Smiles of maidens
And grown men alike;
At your feet I pray.

As I close my eyes
And let my mind drift
Into the deep mist
Of warm, hazy sleep,
I pray to you, Queen.

I ask, as I give
You incense and bright
Little trinkets to
Make you smile,
Will you linger here?

Join me in my dreams,
If you so desire.
Rest your lips upon
My brow and soothe the
Murmurings of my mind.

Let me fall into
The rose-coloured dreams
That accompany your presence.
Let me bask in you:
Queen Aphrodite.



  1. Love it.

    But what about Aphrodite of the Night?

  2. Thank you. I’m not sure exactly what you mean, though? (: Do you mean invoking Aphrodite Melainis directly?

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