November 30, 2009

In the cherry flush of pre-dawn light,
Persephone’s skin glinted gold, her smiling lips red.
Her hair was tangled with Aphrodite’s;
They slept side by side, basking in their heat,
In the warmth of divinity and sex.



  1. Very beautiful. Its very nice to see lgbt poems about gods, even if it isn’t “historically accurate” and squicks people out. They can be really beautiful (like this one). :)

    I think maybe thats why I read mythological fiction. Heh.

  2. Thanks, Nykti! :) I know it’s not accurate really (uh, at all), and I’d probably get lynched by any strict recon that stumbled across it–but it makes sense to me, UPG-wise. I’m glad you like it (and I like reading myth-fiction too; shh!).

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