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February 16, 2010

Time flows like fingers;
Through the silky hair,
Over soft, golden skin,
Across hips and curses,
Until it finds you, Aphrodite:
You who gave birth to the kosmos
And do it time and time again,
When bodies meet and
Skin flushes with Love.



December 7, 2009

Kaleidoscope beauty trails over Aphrodite’s skin;
It gleams at the edges of her lips, the curve of her teeth.
Something hungry slithers through the shadows
That stretch far, far out behind her.


Hymn to Persephone

November 30, 2009

I sing of Persephone,
With spring dancing in her skin
And the taste of summer upon her lips.

I sing of Persephone,
With sun-kissed skin gleaming gold,
Still hot and lovely from the morning light.

I sing of Persephone,
With lovely, rich hair that falls
In a shimmering curtain, bright as shadows.

I song of Persephone,
With fair Eumenides waiting at her feet
And snakes rippling through their smoky hair.


Euripedes – Hippolytus – Aphrodite and Eros

November 25, 2009

‘O Love, Love, that from the eyes diffusest soft desire, bringing on the souls of those, whom thou dost camp against, sweet grace, O never in evil mood appear to me, nor out of time and tune approach! Nor fire nor meteor hurls a mightier bolt than Aphrodite’s shaft shot by the hands of Love, the child of Zeus.

Idly, idly by the streams of Alpheus and in the Pythian shrines of Phoebus, Hellas heaps the slaughtered steers; while Love we worship not, Love, the king of men, who holds the key to Aphrodite’s sweetest bower,-worship not him who, when he comes, lays waste and marks his path to mortal hearts by wide-spread woe.’


Nossis’ Epigrams – Aphrodite

November 25, 2009

(PALAT. ANT. BOOK V – 170)
Nothing is sweeter than Love; and every other joy
is second to it: even the honey I spit out of my mouth.
Thus Nossis says: and who didn’t love Kypris,
doesn’t know what sort of roses her flowers are.

With pleasure Aphrodite received the lovable offering
of the small bonnet which wound the head of Samyta:
It’s really of exquisite workmanship and it gently smells of the nectar
with which the goddess sprinkles the handsome Adonis.

Arrived in front of the temple we gaze at this statue of Aphrodite
embellished by a dress embroidered with gold.
Polyarchis offered it, having made out a large fortune
from the beauty of her own body.

In the temple of the blonde Aphrodite Kallò dedicated this picture
painted with a portrait exactly alike her.
What a tidy attitude! And which grace pervades her!
Hail! Of all your life nothing could be blamed.

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Short – Aglaia

November 13, 2009

Sensual beauty swirls over her soft
Lips and liquid eyes. Aglaia pauses
And laughs airily for the world. Lovers
Shiver, and warm their skin with light kisses.


Short – The Erotes

November 13, 2009

The lovely, dove-winged Erotes spend countless
Hazy summer hours dancing with their
Golden, smiling mother. At her command,
They fling out armfuls of shimmering love.