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The Maenad

November 30, 2009

Quietly, quietly, whispered the nymphai with their hands and lips and soft, soft smiles. Come quickly, but come quietly.

Their winged words reached my ears, and fell over my skin as shimmering stars. I plucked a heart from the air and held it to my chest, let the blood drip.

My skin yearned for the explosion; my breasts ached with unfulfilled need. The nymphai danced silently ahead, writhing in wild ecstasy.

Lions roamed at their feet, and bared their teeth when I walked closer. So I danced: I became one of them, throwing back my head, spinning round and round.

I felt his eyes on me, anciently hungry, and I danced faster. I became a rabbit, darting here and there, and when the leopard came I jumped into his jaws.

I opened my eyes. Sweat covered my skin. My body tingled and ached with release and need. I smiled at my god’s statue and stepped back, still trembling with love.


Aphrodite – Bath/Shower Ritual

November 19, 2009

(Inspired to share by Ruadhan’s posting of a shower ritual for Asklepios and Hygeia.)

– Light candle (at shrine to Aphrodite);
– Carry lit candle in procession to bath (full)/shower (turned on);
– [Optional] Use candle to light incense that is sacred to Aphrodite;
– Recite Orphic Hymn to Aphrodite;
– Undress and enter bath/shower;
– Recite (own) prayer/poem/mantra/hymn to Aphrodite as cleansing* (should be long enough to last from moment of getting into shower/bath until getting out);
– Extinguish incense;
– Ask for specific blessings/aid, if wanted, whilst incense smoke drifts;
– Extinguish candle and thank Aphrodite.

* The poem/prayer I use, which lasts (when spoken slowly) for the full ~ten minutes of my bath/shower, is the following:

“First, I wet each strand of hair
Letting the water stream down, down,
Removing the day’s aches and pains;
For you, I become beautiful.

I rub shampoo over dark strands,
Letting the bubbles slide down my brow,
Removing the dirt and dust that clings;
For you, I become beautiful.

I wash away the shampoo that would stay,
Letting the water clean my hair and body,
Removing from my skin the troubles of the day;
For you, I become beautiful.

I smooth conditioner over the ends of my hair,
Letting it temper the ends that would split,
Removing those splits in my life, too;
For you, I become beautiful.

I wash away the silky conditioner,
Letting the water stream down until my hair shines,
Removing dead ends from my hair and life;
For you, I become beautiful.

I massage soft foam into my skin,
Letting my body warm beneath the water,
Removing dirt from my skin and my spirit;
For you, I become beautiful.

I wash away the foam, until no bubbles remain,
Letting my gleaming skin sing for itself,
Removing all ills that hang over me, body and soul;
For you, I become beautiful.

For you, for you, for you, for you,
I become beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful;
Your divine light shines down and I bathe in it as I bathe in the water;
For you, Aphrodite, Goddess of the Body, I become.”