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Beauty of Eternity

January 30, 2010

Sometimes I feel you here—
The magic of sunshine, the golden haze
That spreads down from the clouds
To hang as a crown atop my head.

I whisper your name in the shadows,
And dream of your eyes, heavy-lidded
With smoky rapture, with the ecstasy
Of a thousand nights, of all lovers.

Your couch is the most sweet of all,
And it is also the most transient,
Torn away in a moment of bitterness.
The beauty of the eternity lies here, now—

With you, my goddess.



November 17, 2009

She nods to the god in her bed,
And then looks back at his son,
Hermes, borne of another.
“I love him,” she says quietly,
Clouds swirling in her soft eyes.
The messenger of the gods nods,
Takes her hand in his and kisses it.
His voice is midnight-soft; “I know.”