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December 3, 2009

A young boy swings,
Kicking his foot against the tree.
The nymphai chastise him;
He lifts his gaze and speaks.

“Why, of all birds,
Is the soft dove the creature
That Erotes have chosen
To dance with them in this world?”

The nymphs scoff, for he
Has answered his own question;
And yet he does not understand truly
The impact of which he asks.

One drifts down from the cherry-laden boughs,
Takes his hand in her soft, red hands
And smiles into the boy’s face.
“Love is the answer.” He frowns; she laughs.


City Nymphs

October 5, 2009

You come riding over the garbage bags,
Leaping and dancing over the heads of
Those who stray into your dark, dark domain,
In which flesh is the coin used for pleasure.

You smile upon the men and women who
Sing for loose change in the falling night-hours,
When your world is alive and crackling
With the energy of mortality.

Teenagers skulk in the darkness, heads down,
Hands in their pockets – or on their sharp knives;
You keep one protective eye upon them,
And another upon their would-be prey.

The call of night-loud music is your beat;
You sing and laugh and dance to the music,
And the humans who pass close by stop to
Echo your laughter and dance all night long.

You are at once the most lovely of the
Nymphai, and yet the most awful; even
Persephone’s infernal, torch-lit girls
Shake as you pass, smiling your deadly smile.

The earth is not your concern; you are pleased
To breathe in the rich, foul stink of humans,
As you haunt the high-rising skyscrapers
And the thrumming, pulsing clubs of the night.

In the days, you soak up the weak sunlight
And tote umbrellas in your arms; you
Are the ultra-urban ghosts of the towns
And cities that you dance, laugh and die in.

Graffiti is your art of choice, and the
Destruction of children’s playgrounds brings a
Bright smile to your scarlet-painted lips and
A twinkle of vicious joy to your eyes.

The streetwalkers are yours; and so, too, are
Those who use them – both their clients and pimps.
You blow warm air at the shaking addicts,
And you guide the lost children to safety.

Nyx is your ally, your mother and queen;
You care not for the issues of the earth,
But rather for how brightly your glass teeth
Shine in the darkness of the city.

The well-trodden road is not your playground;
You linger in the alleyways and the
Buildings slumped together, with their blacked-out
Windows telling a story known by none.

In the beating heart of the city is
Where you love to dance best; you have replaced
Your home of earth and colourful flowers
For the human’s hell-world of steel and stone.

If I want to find you, vampire queens,
Ladies of the night and all that it brings,
I know to look to the shadows, and to
Listen for your telltale, dancing footsteps.

Princesses of the gutter, patrons of
The whores, the junkies and the delinquents;
I ask that, for this night only, you keep
Watch over me and protect me from harm.

Daimones of the night, fey creatures; I ask
For your blessing tonight. Nymphai Poleis,
Angels with curving devils’ wings and the
Smiles of monsters; please, tonight, keep me safe.