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Dawn’s Light

January 16, 2010

Her name flows
Like honey or wine
From the lips of
Lovers and babes alike.

Her call hums
Through the veins
Of humans everywhere,
Men, women and children.

Her dance asks
To be freed from
The confines of the skin;
To live and love as if alive.

Her name spills now
From the eager throats
Of her doves, and is echoed
In dawn’s light by all that lives.


Read Write Prompt #12

October 9, 2009

Read Write Prompt #12: Dressing Up Your Poetry

For Bast.
Attempted in the Villanelle form.

I love
The way that silk kisses my skin;
The thousand feathers of a dove.

Alone, trapped in my rosy cove,
I dance in skirts – I spin;
I love.

The smallest of children’s gloves,
Patterned; the size of a pin.
The thousand feathers of a dove.

In the bustling streets, I do not shove.
I dance; I swallow scalding gin;
I love.

I am the sunlight streaming down from above,
I laugh, I fuck, I devour sin;
The thousand feathers of a dove.

I glow softly from the inside; I surround myself in golden love;
I am the collective: the yang and the yin.
I love
The thousand feathers of a dove