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Dawn’s Light

January 16, 2010

Her name flows
Like honey or wine
From the lips of
Lovers and babes alike.

Her call hums
Through the veins
Of humans everywhere,
Men, women and children.

Her dance asks
To be freed from
The confines of the skin;
To live and love as if alive.

Her name spills now
From the eager throats
Of her doves, and is echoed
In dawn’s light by all that lives.


Twin Gods

November 30, 2009

Crisp autumn leaves drift down, flowing through the
Winter-tinted streams of silvery air.
Hares, lovers’ gifts, lift their heads and dart out
Across fields, leaving the lightest snow-tracks.

The twin gods, life and death, walk hand-in-hand.



November 26, 2009

Erato and Peitho dance, hand in hand,
To the songs of sex, heat and love; they kiss
The brows of lovers with enchanted lips
And adorn their skins with passionate need.

They are the heralds of Aphrodite,
That laughter-loving, blood-borne Queen; they send
To her the smiles of midnight lovers, and
Warm their bodies in Selene’s soft glow.


I Fill the Space

October 7, 2009

I fill the space.
A love here, a kiss there.
Beating hearts, frenzied,
They break; I laugh.

I fill the space.
Lines drawn over skin,
Lips painted with blood.
It dribbles down my chin.

I fill the space.
Broken hearts, love-letters,
My grave grows warm,
My heart – delighted.

I fill the space.
I am remembered,
On lips and between legs;
In the breaths exchanged, the warmth.